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Our Stormcloud [2011]


Beautiful princess, loved by all kings, the greatest catalyst known to man. Was there any formal gesture as you kissed the ground?

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Why sir do you go to such pains to state the amount of songs in the playlist in the title when most are off by one.

Or is it to serve like some kind of sweet treat at the end like a final chocolate raisin in the folds of the plastic.

In which case, I shouldn't have said anything, ok never mind, scratch all that, I was never here.. On a more pressing note, who took those photos you use as covers, a real genius i say.

Probably the same reason I don't take photographs Guilt'.... I think. Actually I have no idea.

Correct-a-mundo Laurie (can I call you Laurie), you hit the proverbial nail on its proverbial head...kind-of. I haven't done this with all the mixes yet though, but I will. For the same reason I don't put up a list of the artists used in the mix description - surprises are fun for all the family.

get away from my family and stop fucking my wife, surprises are not nice when found at four in the morning and going down on something it shouldn't!! For everyone else out there, ie. the stormtrooper, we actually know each other so take no notice of the nonsense..

As for why i don't make any mixes, nick is the brains and he takes care of making our lives sound better and full of purpose and I make them look prettier and certainly more interesting.. Although for the record, we are not old and fat and in a basement. I don't have a basement.

To be perfectly honest the real reason is that if Laurie started making mixes, they would probably end up being much better than mine... I took away his music-box, locked him in the cellar and/or dark room and forced him to develop photos for the rest of his days.

[I bet you're wishing that you had never asked the question now, guilty] :)

Well no, lets be serious for once trig.. its because, mr. guilty sir, having listened to just recently all of your mixes and knowing trig's ones quite well, I know I couldn't do anything nearly as beautiful or sincere so I stick to what i'm good at!! Your sleep and regret mix is really quite perfect.. way better than hers..

I just now saw this. And thank you so much you have no idea what your words mean to me.
You are right. Screw her List.

In the words of 'the wolf' gentlemen, 'let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet'..

But i do concur, it is a fine mix my friend. I thought i'd put that in there because this here message box states that one must account for what one thinks of said mix and lord knows, I can't not do what i'm told.

nice work b.o.t.o.

I think I'll be the Judge of when and where the dick sucking can commence thank you very much.

Who are these 'wolf' gentlemen....?
And what exactly is a b.o.t.o...?

ah yes, i thought this might happen so i've written down the clever answers to my clever private jokes right here, the wolf is played by harvey keitel in pulp fiction and it is he who utters those lines and you my friend are the 'brains of the operation' as i am clearly pinky.. the semi retarted artistic genius

No riveting tale about how I discovered them playing in a small back-alley bar I'm afraid, just somehow found my way to their Bandcamp page, and never looked back.

Edge of Forever is probably my favourite track of theirs right now, but I still have to delve into the second album a bit more.

This is very interesting to me. You must understand I just have never met another person (real or internet) that ever even heard of Spaces. Its the mark of a true post rock fan.

Also, I JUST put this together. You are bastardlog on tumblr. I had no idea.
To answer your question, no its not on vimeo. But if you really do care to see it, I would not mind providing you with a secret link.

Yeah, you got me. I don't use tumblr much except for following a couple interesting blogs, might start using it more in the future if I ease myself into being less cynical about tumblr-blogging, especially now that I've got proper city-Internet again.

I would love nothing more than to see the full thing, but only if its not too much hassle for you - if it isn't you can send the secret link it to

I have to say I was pretty smitten by the wonderful marriage of light and sound in the unused footage - and the nostalgic memories of childhood it evoked, my God.

what the heck are you doing to us man. seriously can't handle 2 of your mixes at one time.

this one was awesome. your post rock taste is impeccable. now onto the other.

Ah shucks, muchos thanks. Really and truly.

I can thank you for getting me into Silver Mount Zion though. Had no idea before, that the guys from Godspeed You Black Emperor had a side project of that magnitude.