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We Need Nothing [2010]


Gaúcho, if you want to go back to bigfeet land there's a train at noon. But friend, you've got to leave the caballo behind.

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7 comments on We Need Nothing [2010]

Two great artists indeed. Sadly I haven't got to see Vitalic live...Holy Fuck on the hand I have and they absolutely nailed it.

Yeah, I think the flow on this one's actually okay, or are you referring to my comment on my latest mix. 'Cause I think I somewhat fixed the flow on that now....a bit.... maybe.....I give it a week before I change my mind again. :)

as always your in a constant state of motion too, can you leave anything alone for two seconds.. i liked it when it had 'but movement' in the title. bad to the bone anyway though

I was gonna change it back, but now that you've mentioned the full title here, I don't have to.

Anyway as I said: We need nothing, not even the other half of a sentence. Apt non?