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You're A Model of Freedom

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Ahhhhh I love those so much!! :D They might even be my favorite Digimon season! :)) That's so great!! Do you have a favorite character? :D

Yes! Henry (or Lee) I love how much patient can be with Takato, who at first is always crying also my favorite digimon is Terriermon I can't don't love his moumantai...My favorite relation tamer-digimon is Rika (or Riuki) and Renamon, their evolution as characters are amazing. And of course I love the relation of Takato and Guilmon too, they are so cute.

Absolutely!! :D Ahh, Henry is such a great character! :D The movie about Rika's birthday party was also really sweet!! :D I'm kind of thinking of making a playlist for each of the three main heroes! :))