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the track list may or may not be in the comments probably not bc im trash and i spent more time on the names of the artists of the tracks and the album names than i did on paying attention to what music is even on the playlist so have fun with this it probably sucks ASS but at least i laughed at myself while making it and u know what they say as long as u had fun its okay and this description was an ADVENTURE to write wow

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also!!!!!! i didn't want the tracks to have a couple say 5sos as the artist and the rest not so i talked some shit instead of using various ways to say 5sos

track list: 1. wrapped around your finger 2. social casualty 3. never be 4. long way home 5. voodoo doll 6. greenlight 7. don't stop 8. heartbreak girl (newer version) 9. everything i didn't say 10. beside you (newer version) 11. 18 12. disconnected 13. amnesia 14. end up here 15. lost boy 16. kiss me kiss me