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We're a Goddamn Tragedy, Sweetheart


She turns to him, a self disparaging smile turning up her strawberry lips as her baby blue eyes shine with a morbid humor. She tauntingly hums, "And what, per se, would we be, Love?"

He turns to his angel, taking in the never dimming light that radiated from her very being before motioning towards his own charred body. "Take a guess," he jeers without any heat.

Laughing, she pulls her demon closer, brushing their lips gently. "I'd say we're not a love story."

"No," his ashen eyes brighten with glee, making them glimmer like pools of magma. He hugs her closer, soft flesh against battered leather, and whispers gently in her ear, "We're a goddamn tragedy, Sweetheart."

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