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Minors and Accidentals


Work in Progress! These songs make me think of a time when living was harder, but life simpler.

Dusty roads, small towns whose tavern patrons "belly up," and the clinking of riding spurs is a familiar sound. A time when a bed may be made of straw and the ceiling of stars. Where smart phones are the gossip fence and cars are horse drawn buggies. The local sheriff is the biggest politician and he's either crooked as a stick in water, or clean as a whistle. Come daybreak it's a bustling hub of activity, but by night ghosts hide in the corners and the nights are eerie with no street lights to chase away the spooks nestled in the shadows.

35 tracks
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20170506 I have numerous songs to add, but trying to locate them is time consuming. I had to add a couple live songs, which I dislike, but no other version was to my liking.

There are a couple songs I'll be removing. The previews sometimes don't give me a good enough idea of what's going to fit.

20160709: Found some more I like that fit with the theme. Purchased and added the Ane Brun version of "All My Tears" to get her name out there.

20160522: This is still a WIP. My goal is to put music in this list that isn't already in 100 other lists; however, some songs are just too good to pass up based on that reason alone. I also find myself getting off the sound I'm after while I'm looking for songs to add and I eventually end up in the swing or jazz genre. I'm not 100% in love with "Graves," even though it fits - it's a little more aggressive or loud than what I'm seeking for this list. I'm collecting through Freegal (library free mp3 site - a great reason to get a library card!), Spotify playlists, Pandora and my teenager's playlists (what can I say - I raised a child with good music taste :D).