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this is the story of why 3/4 of the team have andrew garner's number saved and why he crossed music off the list of therapeutic methods for S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

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ALSO THE BRITISH SONG FOR LANCE OHMYGOD Lance totally groans and facepalms until Skye convinces him to dance with her. No one is ever going to forget the sight of him trying to learn the funky chicken from her. And Bobbi has the blackmail video to remind them of it. (I'm sorry, I'm having so many headcanons about these perfect precious assholes thanks to your playlists.)

"WHO GAVE SKYE SUGAR AND LET HER HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET AGAIN" is a very common anguished cry at The Playground when the music starts up. Skye insists that pre-mission dance parties are a thing that /has/ to happen, guys, seriously, it's good for team morale and we feel like baddasses, right, right????