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songs skye's not allowed to play 2.0


guess who's back, back again
skye's back, tell a friend

(if you thought the additional security measures would stop her, i've got news for you)

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omg I'm so in love with this playlists please do more songs skye's not allowed. I died when you put " my heart will go on" I wasn't expecting that song in that way, I can totally picture their faces and skye :'))

I just wanted to let you know that I've been having a hellish day at the office and found these mixes. I have cracked up no less than four times and snorted tea up my nose once. I may need to fic stories around these songs. (-8

I can imagine her playing "go the fuck to sleep" right when fitz has told her that he's about to go to bed. fitz turns off his lights and this happens. he will never sleep again.

i lost it at Gasolina. Oh my god my grandma used to love my song and my dad literally threw Daddy Yankee's album at the window because he hates that song.

@fitz-loves-jemma this is legitimately the funniest thing i've read today because there's a 100% probability someone on the bus did the same. they didn't even have the album at first because "get with the times and just illegally torrent everything" ( - skye), but they BOUGHT the album SPECIFICALLY to throw it out of the plane right after setting it on fire.