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''ugh, fitz!''


according to Leo Fitz's calculations and months of intense observing, the areas of his brain associated with dopamine and norepinephrine production were lit up and, well, it's a science-y way to say he was madly in love with his best friend.
and still didn't have a bloody monkey.

→ a mix for our favourite geeks and the good & not-so-peachy (mostly good) times in their relationship

15 tracks
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my favorite part about this playlist is that you made it literally a month after the show premiered and so there had been what/??//??? five episodes????? imagine it now. imagine all the pain. never mind u dont have to imagine do u have kik id like to send u (platonic) fitzsimmons pain at odd hours of the night bc you're up you goddamn stubborn eastern european i love oyu

So this is my favorite playlist, like, ever. I listen to it all the time. I need to know where you got that "Shooting Star" song, though. I cannot find the version that is in this mix ANYWHERE. Help?

this is hands down my favourite mix comment, like, ever. THANK YOU. and as for that version, 8tracks actually changed the one i wanted to use to some soundcloud clip, but there you go ( c: