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Red Eyes and Left Over Instant Mashed Potatoes


Shake Hands With Beef x Primus
Make Yourself x Incubus
Spoonman x Soundgarden
Squeeze Me Macaroni x Mr. Bungle
In the garage x Weezer
Laid x James
Sissyneck x Beck
March of the Pigs x Nine Inch Nails
Same In The End x Sublime
Today x The Smashing Pumpkins
Down In A Hole x Alice In Chains
Nugget x Cake
Ocean Size x Jane's Addiction
In Bloom x Nirvana
Creep x Stone Temple Pilots
Galaxie x Blind Melon
Passenger x Deftones
Falling To Pieces x Faith No More
Nutshell x Alice In Chains
Street Spirit (Fade Out) x Radiohead
Third Eye x Tool

21 tracks