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SIDE B: Old Friend, Come Back Home

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Okay ik i commented here already but just listened to this again and i gotta say, its actually possibly one of my like, 3 most favorite playlists on 8tracks, every song is not only great on its own but also fits the pines bros so much, its heartbreaking and so good. mykonos is also a new fave, gj all around

i've been listening to this and side A a lot, and it's just so good. "Always Gold" is SO SO SO Good for them AND "Half Dead" is just so perfect for Stan in the time that he's apart from his brother? It reminds me so much of them I love this so much and have definitely cried a lot about these songs thank you.

@tur1ng ooooooooohhhhh thank you so much!!! It makes my day when people like or comment on my mixes! Yes I tried to really find songs that fit, I'm sorry you're crying but I'm glad that I got the feels right! :') (i had trouble picking Fleet foxes and radical face songs - almost all of theirs are about sad brothers!)