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Rap Remixed 3

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Mostly Biggie and Tupac remixes with some kendrick, kanye, eminem, and jay z.

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Bangers & Mash

  • Pretty Lights vs Biggie (REMIX) by SymphonySystem
  • Against A Mad World (Tupac vs. Gary Jules) by Brenton Duvall
  • Runnin' With The XX (Mashup) by Biggie vs Tupac vs The XX
  • The Way I Am (White Lotus Soundtrack 2 My Life Mashup) by Eminem
  • Migos – Trophies (Remix) by @IAmFeve |
  • Get By Remix (Remix) by Kanye West
  • Jay Z Empire State Of Mind Remix by thissongisdylan4
  • Love The Way You Lie (M Twist Remix) by Eminem, Rihanna, Tupac & Jay Z
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