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today has been ok. | lady mary crawley


Since I sense Mary's happiness will be returning next season, this is a tribute to her and the dark cloud following her around since dear Matthew's death.

This is also probably the most depressing fanmix I've made to date. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.

12 tracks
4 comments on today has been ok. | lady mary crawley

Tonight, I just finished watching the episode of Matthew's untimely death. ve felt. I cannot tell you enough how much this mix touches me. Thank you for crafting such a beautiful collection. I will forever hold Matthew (and of course Mary) close to my heart. xxx

That is definitely a good thing! This is heartbreaking; a perfect tribute to Mary and her dark cloud. So painful it physically hurts. You've reduced me to tears. I think your mixes are wonderful! Very well done.