Having trouble playing mixes?

  • OKFAILN/AUnknownSoundManager 2 start-up

    If you're seeing a failure, refer to the below for troubleshooting details for common causes.

  • OKErrorN/AUnknownFlash

    The Flash 8 plugin is a minimal requirement for SoundManager 2, but the exact requirement varies based on soundManager.flashVersion. You are currently using [unknown].

  • OKErrorN/AUnknownFlash SWF

    If the Flash movie URL is OK, Flash security or flash blockers are the likely cause. Check the section below.

  • OKErrorN/AUnknownFlash -> JS

    Once the flash component of SM2 has loaded, it tries to make a call to Javascript-land. This is a common point of failure, for security reasons:

    • Flash blockers (FlashBlock, "click to flash" etc.) preventing flash load and start-up - need whitelisting/"allow this domain" to work smoothly. If you suspect blocking is the issue, try the SoundManager 2 Flashblock demo.

    See Flash debug output for more security error details.

    Flash Blockers

    Browser extensions/add-ons like "FlashBlock" and "click to flash" can prevent the .SWF from loading, and this will mean SM2 will time-out and fail waiting for a response from Flash. For development, it's best to whitelist the domain(s) or the .SWF for SM2 to allow it to work.

    Have a flash blocker installed? Want to test it? Try the SoundManager 2 Flashblock demo.

  • OKErrorN/AUnknownJS -> Flash

    At this point, Javascript attempts to respond to Flash's initial outgoing Flash -> JS call, completing the test for JS/flash communication. If SM2 does not receive a response from flash, it will eventually fail.

    Offline viewing conditions and cross-domain security rules will prevent Flash <-> JS communication. See the details of Flash -> JS for information.

  • OKErrorN/AUnknownSound test

    Here, a simple createSound() call is made to test SM2's actual operation. A sound should load and play provided SM2 was able to start successfully.

Adapted from the SoundManager2 troubleshooter by Scott Schiller. Flash detection code from Flash Detect (

Debug Output

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If you still can't resolve your problem, send a message to, including a screenshot or the text output of the debugger on this page.