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lost along the way


isaac lahey just gives me a lot of emotions so i put some in a mix

"you know, it's funny. the kids getting beaten up are always the ones who least deserve it."

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Oh, gosh. This is beyond beautiful, but I completely lost it with his voice overs. They were too perfect and emotional. This playlist is absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for making such an amazing masterpiece!

I love you for this playlist. Isaac Lahey is my favorite and I love Daniel Sharman more than everything to be honest. I cry like a baby for the audio with Isaac's lyrics on Teen Wolf, you know, I love him. Thank you so much. I smile and I cry. It's a little bit weird and I'm sorry to ruin your language because I speak French and English is just a language that I learn in High School. I'm not good as you. Nevermind, I love you.