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Why are you so far? (Computer Screen Love)

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I may have never touched you but that does not mean I love you any less.

A mix for all those who have special people in other states or countries or even planets if you're into that sort of thing.
2,409 miles <3

  • Never Met You (Acoustic Production) by Tom Law
  • Tee Shirt by Birdy
  • If These Sheets Were States by All Time Low
  • See You Soon by Coldplay
  • Hey There Delilah by Jacob Whitesides
  • Come Back... Be Here (Deluxe Edition) (Full Track) (Lyrics) by horselover_47
  • "I Will Wait" By. Mumford & Sons Cover by Alexander.Guidry
  • オールレディ・ホーム by A Great Big World
8 tracks