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Oldschool R&B (Mid to Late 80's #2): Some Favorites...

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Man, you are "tech saavy" !! I won't even have to waste time talking to a salesman. By the way, keep up the great mixes. Your knowledge of Jazz and R&B is world class....

Thanks :-) Yeah, I'm like the Go To Guy, by the way when you do talk to them if you're not sure of something, you can reach out to me @Smooth918 and Thanks again... Your Mixes are on point as well!

They are good, but there are a few things to consider before you buy. I've always and still am a BOSE man, I currently have the QC15 I actually got them when they first came out; an upgrade from the QC3. My BOSE QC15 is lightwight and has Noise cancellation feature. Love them BOSE tech is awesome, but they aren't that Stylish :-) they're $299.95

The DeToxx Beats by Dre Limitied Edition, are very Stylish, I fell for the Black on Black with a hint of smoked gray right away. They are much heavier than the BOSE QC15, but you will get use to it. They don't have Noise Cancellation, but they are completely surrounding the ear and the tech behind Beats is good enough where you wont hear to much outside inference over the music. They will run you $499.95.

Now, Beats by Dre also have a PRO line, No Noise cancellation looks almost exactly like and maybe the DeTox LT, but they're not in Black, you can get them for $399.99.

So, I would recommend dropping in at Best Buy, see if they have any demos. If not, purchasing them from a Best Buy store would be the avenue to take; mainly because of their No Hassel Return Policy (Try it, you don't like it, take it back within 14 days and don't worry about the re-stocking fee.)

Hope that helps :-)