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Merlin/Emrys: Character Study


A study about the dangerous and angst-filled life of the young innocent boy of Ealdor who would one day become the most powerful sorcerer to ever live.
These songs remind me a lot of Merlin when I hear them. From his most bad-ass moments, his fears about becoming a monster, to his doubts about fulfilling his destiny...

31 tracks
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@thewindowsdown Yes! I think that song is perfect for Merlin! Cause he's always asking/doubting himself. Are Merlin and Emrys are two different people in the same body or is it that the Merlin and Emrys personas are one and the same? Hmmmm.....Really confusing XD

This mix is one of my all time Merlin favorites. Most other mixes have really indie and hipster music, and yours is a breath of fresh air. I love the darker music and how it explores Merlin's darker side.

@bulletsandarrows Hurray for the breath of fresh air! Yeah, it was my exact train of thought as I was making it. There was no Merlin playlist that appealed to me because of the indie/hipster music. Those playlists didn't really go with the idea of Merlin that I have :)

Thak you! Would you believe me if I said I listened to every song lyric of every song to get this mix exactly right? Yeah, I had a little too much time on my hands that day! Hahaha!