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Indie Game Homework Time Again!


A lot of people liked my last coding mix so I made another one. A few songs are not from 'indie' games but are still catchy and great for getting in the mood for programming.

Headphones recommended! As always I'll make more if people want it.

  • Bedroom by Francisco Cerda
  • Crystals by M.O.O.N
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  • The Stars Come Out by Brother Android
  • Blood Dragon Theme [Free Download] by Far Cry 3
  • mayonegg03d by swanofnever
  • Vindicate (Saints Row 4) by dashie116
    Saints Row 4 Dubstep gun song
  • This Sound by Michael Todd
  • Neon Mines by Module
    Shatter Soundtrack
  • Deep In Her Eyes (Assembly '94 Skaven/Future Crew/Invitation Dentro) by Deafened Psychosis
    Uplink Soundtrack
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I'm glad you like it! If you like uplink you should try Digital: A Love Story. It's not as hands on, but still an awesome older computer simulator. It's also completely free! :)