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Side A: and rain...will make the flowers... grow...


VERY MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE BURNING TIDE!!!!!! very minor spoilers for the wildcats claw

A Shabeke playlist (Abeke POV)
This playlist is SFW except track 20 has quick use of g*dd*mn
Track order
1-2. Wild born 3-6. Blood Ties to half way in Rise and Fall. 7. The betrayal.
8. Right after the betrayal 9-10. end of Rise and Fall and the Evertree 11-13. the duel 14. Her healing after the war. 15-16. When she learns Shane is King and is determined not to forgive him. 17. The burning tide (The song is being sung to Conor) 18. Shane's death 19. After Shane's death 20. Heart of the land 21. The emotions all of the four fallen felt after Shane's death.
(I have a better track order thing but it has to many characters)

I admit half of it, I'm not that innocent

21 tracks
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