Tsuki Guy Shoe
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Saranghae, Kaneki-kun


The last few chapter TG :re felt so much like a k-drama, why not create a sad k-pop mix that tells the heart wrenching story of those unlucky love birds?

As explanation for the songs:

Track 1 [First meeting]

Track 2 [Uni/Squash/Café]

Track 3 [Ghoul Restaurant (realization Shuu played with Kaneki)]

Track 4 [Post Ghoul restaurant]

Track 5[Church scene]

Track 6 [Post Aogiri]

Track 7 [Rooftop scene]

Track 8 [Shuu learns that Kaneki is still alive]

Track 9 [They meet again]

And the last one... well... the dramatic happy end to the k-drama Saranghae, Kaneki-kun (I hope he said nado saranghae or all this work goes to waste)

10 tracks
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