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❝ Brave Enough ❞


|| Sep. 5th || HanjiWeek 2018, Day 7 ||

This playlist is an appreciation-mix for Hanji Zoe ❤
Hanji is such a complex and beautiful character and I love her in all her facets, so I carefully selected 15 songs, each one reminding me of a part of her character from the first appearance 'till now, and tried to balance the general mood of the mix.
I'm publishing this on Hanji's bday to celebrate her and to take part in this year HanjiWeek!

Thank you all for checking my work out, this really means a lot to me~
Have a nice day ♫

[✎The picture used as cover does not belong to me and I'm not claiming it as mine. I just edited it. All credits to nata. (Pixiv ID: 43965772)
Link to the original pic: http://levihan.tumblr.com/post/88227311375/animexfavorites-various-compilations-attack]

15 tracks
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