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songs i think that would be on hinata's ipod! whenever i think of him i just think of uplifting music and pop-y music. he probably likes a lot of popular artists like KANA-BOON and etc. what singers and bands do you think the haikyuu!! characters like?

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COVER PIC: http://www.zerochan.net/1924167 and sadly i cant find the specific pixiv entry but it's by this artist! (who draws the cutest sugahina i've ever seen) http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=792718
SONG LIST: http://prntscr.com/9kfycz

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I love this playlist so much, I think it suits Hinata very well. Do you have music headcanons about any other Haikyuu character? (IMO Tanaka looks like he'd listen to DiggyMo and such)

@olggbot thank you so much! im happy you think so!! ^^ ah well hmm i think kageyama doesnt really listen to a lot of music but when he does i think he would like sakanaction and groups and singers with catchy melodies and more synthetic instruments. tsukishima loves more indie and obscure artists and i bet he likes shoegaze and music with a lot of "atmosphere" ?

@olggbot >it's probably why he has his headphones on a lot. i think he would enjoy bands like coaltar of the deepers or the novembers? he probably gives music recommendations to yamaguchi and the rest of his team and has an extensive music collection (in FLAC probably lol) ! noya likes electronic/edm artists like teddyloid and capsule. and for some reason i think yamaguchi would like utaite like soraru or shounenT. i agree with you about tanaka!! he definitely looks like the type to enjoy some hiphop/r&b!!

@tsukiishima Oh man, yeah. Tsukishima does seem to be very attached to music. I've envisioned him listening to western music more than japanese, something heavier too, and thinking himself better because of that. Your picks make sense too though (along with the bit of him pushing his musical taste onto others). EDM suits Yamaguchi very well (maybe chiptunes too?) As for Kageyama - I think he'd listen to music more if it was mixed out of volleyball sounds haha otherwise yeah - nothing really fits him much. Maybe he's just ready to listen to whatever makes a good background noise. Noya probably would be listening to some really energetic, but light rock I guess - what do you think? Also, will you be making more character playlists like this one? Because that would be super awesome.

@olggbot haha tsukishima does seem like he'd be somewhat of an elitist over his tastes! i bet he uses rateyourmusic or something and is like "u plebs" lol. chiptune is a great fit for yams i think! especially artists like anamanaguchi. maybe some instrumentals for kageyama? movie soundtracks probably ? (from ones he and hinata saw together omg) noya i think likes light poppy rock - stuff he can listen to when doing homework but eventually gets distracted and dancing to lol. like asian kung-fu generation imo. and maybe in the future when i discover some more artists bc i kinda feel like i've been using the same ones a lot. orz but thank you and i will definitely try!!