Is this playlist safe for work?



: ) I hope you like this list!

PS: I'm sorry if you don't like Enon Kawatani's voice bc I really like his voice and his bands.

EDIT (i forget when): THANK YOU FOR GOLD~~
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@Sillyspacecadet ah so do i!!! he's so talented and i swear he never takes a break from making music bc he does it for 2 bands (and both indigolaend and gesu have had quite a few singles out this year)!! :o thank you so much!

oh my gosh, this playlist is so darn AMAZING!!!! love your music taste so much:D thanks a million for making this!!!

@fawntastic wow! thank you so much for listening!! :"") i hope you've discovered some new songs/bands!! also that's one of the 1st times some complimented my music taste, haha : D