All playlists as of 12/27/19 can also be found on spotify! Under same titles as here!

Katie/Kathryn | 25| Anime & Manga Nerd | Music genre varies a lot! I am a pretty nice person but can also be sarcastic and cold from time to time but hope you can over see that!

I have ALOT of fandoms but my mains are:
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic || Durarara!! || Touken Ranbu || Project K || Bungou Stray Dogs || Ao No Exorcist || Owari No Seraph || Attack On Titan || Donten ni Warau || Dramatical Murder || Kagerou Project || Hamatora || Tokyo Ghoul ||Noragami || Nozaki-kun || Free!! || Haikyuu!! || HxH and etc.

I also like video games of many genres. Also LOVE horror rpgs (ex: Wadanohara and Underworld Capital Incident). I have huge variety when it comes down to Music I am kinda all over the place, haha! Video games like Until Dawn and LIS (Life is Strange) Are my thing too! ((aka 'choice' mechanic games))