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stay positive


a playlist of my current favorite songs that I listen to when I'm feeling down (and yes, they're all kpop lol I mean really, were you expecting anything different from me)

Tracklist: http://xminseok.tumblr.com/post/139037598553/stay-positive-tracklist-1-sing-for-you-exo-2

cover art © Sailor Moon

*EDIT* ahhhh thank you guys so much for 100+ likes!! Never did I think that this little playlist could ever reach that number!!! ;v; I'll work hard to make even better playlists for you all in the future!
**EDIT** thank you all for 200+ likes!! I am utterly speechless;;;; as thanks, I went back in to this playlist, rearranged some of the tracks, and added four new ones! Enjoy, I hope you like them!!
***EDIT*** thank you everyone for 300+ likes!!! ;~;

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This playlist makes me happy bc they're various types of songs and I like literally every one of them including a few that I hadn't listen to yet/had been putting off!! Ahhh!! Thank you!!!