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if you would just stop the winter

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I'm currently reading Anna Karenina, listening to this mix - it really, really suits the haunting, wintery, passionate and magical atmosphere of the book by the way- and I'm aching for a helsa fic but I have to read too many books for an exam on Russian literature. Point is, I'm totally envisioning a helsa Au where Elsa is Karenina, Anna is Kitty, Hans is Vronsky (who totally swept Kitty off her feet before falling into dark, passionate, mutual love with Karenina btw) and Kristoff as Levin.

Really good, quality instrumental music. I love it) And it fits the Iceburns story) But tracks are perfect even without matching them with Hans and Elsa)) Thank you for your work and finding such a magic content!)))

Iceburns and instrumental music are all I live for. Bless you for bringing them together. Absolutely beautiful mix. <3

The pleasure is all mine! I'm really glad you enjoyed this mix. Thank you for taking your time to leave a comment ♥