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restless but tired


rainy nights and sleepy thoughts

(couldn't decide between a sleep mix or a rain one so why not both??)

- I will constantly be adding songs to this mix
last updated: 8/8/15

If any of you need anyone to talk to, comment and let me know, I'm here☻ Also, if you want to talk music/ want suggestions, you can comment and let me know as well! I check the comments often. Thank you for listening!

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it's so rare for me to find a great playlist that I genuinely enjoy without skipping any songs.. Amazing! Thank you so much :)

This might be the 50e time that i listen this mix and it is realy good!! So thank you for this! Everytimes there are new songs which are very relaxing! So thanks again!! Have a good life ;)

I really appreciate your playlist very much so. The playlist itself exceeds lovely, but it also says a lot about you personally. I hope your journey has been pleasant, and if not, may things change for the better. You're uniquely exquisite, never forget that. This playlist by far is my favorite

@jesssbrown there is a sleep timer under options if you scroll down to the bottom! you can set that for however long you think it'll take to fall asleep :)