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Dark Road - A Wanda Maximoff Mix


Amazing coverm art created by this awesome human being (follow them, show some love!) : http://hey-kids-want-some-avengers.tumblr.com/

Hey, hi, I made a thing! An ‘i-have-too-much-excited-energy-for-Civil-War-what-do-i-dooo’ thing…

I like to imagine this mix as the back drop to Wanda’s journey to becoming an Avenger. This would all take place in the year between Age of Ultron and Civil War. Again, I hope this brings inspiration to all mcu!Scarlet Witch fans. She’s my smol bby and I (looove her) can’t imagine the past year has been easy for her. Songs range through Wanda dealing with her brother's death, to dealing with her emotions (and powers), and overall, healing. Enjoy!

9 tracks
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