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i am currently obsessed w/ the movie Boyhood (i recommend that everyone should watch it!!!!) so i made this mellow playlist inspired by the movie

Includes songs by Family Of The Year, Vampire Weekend, Young The Giant, and more

20 tracks
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okay seriously boyhood is the most beautiful movie i have ever seen. it completely captures childhood and being around the same age as mason and growing up in the same city/area, boyhood is like a summary of my life anyways finding this playlist made me :') it's so good to study to!!

@tumblr.com where did you get that version of It's You by Robert Schwartzman? The ones on iTunes and YouTube have words, but I like the instrumental version on here. Beautiful playlist, by the way :)

@dcamp96 I cant remember but i might have gotten it off tumblr. youu can search the song in the tags and i think is should come up there