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We Became Something


Um.... I wanted to make a playlist about Klance that isn't specifically fluffy or angsty or sad or happy, because there is a lot of layers to that particular relationship.
So, here's some rivalry songs, then some pining songs, and some love songs in that order.
Mooostly from Lance's point of view, but you can interpret it however you'd like.
Ft. Obligatory Sappy Mix Title

15 tracks
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I super love this playlist. I listen to it when I want to dance and be happy and think about voltron. I listen to it a LOT. and btw, it could just be something weird about the app or my phone but "Peach" always cuts out too soon. jsyk :))

Okay I really love this playlist! From the first song I knew it was going to be good, and it really was! It really captures how complicated their relationship is, and the progression from rivalry to love is so smooth! I'm going to listen to this a millon times for sure

@februarywhite sorry for not responding earlier but!! omg thank you??? i put a LOT of effort into making sure it flowed well enough in tune with their relationship