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hinamizawa's elegy


a mix for the town of hinamizawa as a whole, with its ups, downs, and dark secrets


im sorry if this is a bit short: i tried finding good songs that fit the tone and mood of the series

  • Death, Misfortune, And The Amanojaku by Hatsune Miku , Kagemine Rin & GUMI
    From the sounds of the bamboo flutes/ By not extolling us, there shall be/ Horrible outcomes done by the Gods/ "It's our sovereignty, we don't need such things like gods." ---the beginnings of the legend of oyashiro. the villagers didn't believe at first, unaware of the misfortunes that it will bring
  • Higurashi Visual Novel BGM - Mazoku Kenkyuusho (Demonic Institute) by soundpie
    [instrumental track] the people of onigafuchi's paranoia grows even more, causing people to drop dead, clawing their throats. they fear that if they leave the village, that this suffering will continue.
  • Main Theme by Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai OST 1
    [instrumental] just when the villagers on hinamizawa think they can't take anymore, the god oyashiro shows his compassion under one condition: natives of onigafuchi can't leave. starting over, the townspeople rename onigafuchi has "hinamizawa".
  • Kikuo Ft. 初音ミク Shikabane No Odori by Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko
    "Let us join in the dance of corpses and go sing along!" bodies pile up like houses of cards as more mysterious deaths occur, making the old fear of the curse rise up once more as onigafuchi is reborn as hinamizawa.
  • P] We Should Not Do Bad Things [feat. f by [Kikuo
    "Ah, we shouldn't ever do bad things/if we do we will surely get spirited away!/We shouldn't ever do bad things/the child right next to me has been spirited away!" the spiriting away begins to start as the dam project has just begun. to keep these things away, they stop the dam project all the while performing rituals to stave off oyashiro's wrath.
  • Drought Theme Arrangement - Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire by Epic RPG Remixes
    [instrumental] paranoia grows within the villagers once more. who could be the next one to be spirited away? who will be the next to die? a villager looks at his hands absentmindedly, as he notices that hes been scratching his neck recently. he recoils in shock, sitting on the mud-filled ground. he had come to find that his neck---his blood---was infested with maggots.
  • Billy Talent Fallen Leaves by CarnivalOfFear
    "It was a crooked little town/they were lost and never found/fallen leaves, fallen leaves/fallen leaves through the town." soon, hinamizawa has become known for strange disappearances and deaths, with people being spirited away and killing in bizarre ways left and right
  • Utane Uta (Defoko) - Parasite by Clementine_And_Friends
    "Aaaah, love and peace! Aah!! Lies and truth!/A dream of the future!!" although the villagers of hinamizawa didn't know this, the "curse" is a parasite. the village nurse relishes in the fact they don't know, seemingly getting off on their fear and paranoia, and loving to fuel it day by day.
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