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i'm being killed by a futile love

a shintaro kisaragi fanmix

dedicated to skylar who is my sister and ilove her and

  • Glutamine by glutamine
    Please, just once more, please give me love. Please destroy this endless loop. Farewell, darling, darling, darling, on that day I became an adult.
  • Drowning in a Wave of Sadness by Soraru
    thats why, in order to be able to love a lot, this greedy me one day decided to stop loving the clumsy me
  • The Lost One's Weeping [Soraru] by Mizuki_Megumi
    Today's homework is about me, with no individuality Not too much or too little, not inconvenient, that's how I've been living But then why is it that we sometimes- no, every day say that we're sad, and say that we're lonely?
  • ユラユラ by そらる
    i wish i could become kind/i wish i could become strong/i wish i could become fun to be around/but none of that really matters....
  • Remote Paranoia +UST by Gahata Meiji
    everyone is incompetent/and everything is useless/what are "connections"?/what is "affection?"/and "not hurting?"
  • Shinzou Connect English Cover by Aruvn
    idk the sound makes me think of somethin shintaro would try to produce? idk
  • Heat Haze≒Variation by Hanatan
    yes, the heat haze that plagued us/hid the colorless shadow
  • 神教⇒Exclamation! by Utatane Piko
    anything you might be wishing for right now/i can grant it for you right now/all you have to do/is BUY THIS VASE (or in shin's case, click the virus)
  • Human Error by UTSU-P feat SEKIHAN
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