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im a rambling, gambling man

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fanmix for daniel d'arby to go with my trent fanmix

again, all instrumental, but im gonna make daniel's have a more jazzy feel

  • Protoman Theme by Eduardo Loya Mendoza
  • Retro Park by DJ Meat Boy
  • Grim Fandango by Peter-McConnell
  • Spring Yard Zone (Jazz Ver.) by Joon Won Park
  • Johnny C. Bad ~ Arena Song by Final Fantasy VI
  • Casino Night Zone (Jazzy Arranged Version) by Sonic 2
  • Casino Paradise Zone Act 2 by Sonic Advance
  • Cinco De Chocobo by Final Fantasy 7 OST 1
  • Pokemon Heart Gold And Soul Silver Game Corner by Junichi Masuda
  • Lullaby For Trains by pokemonbw
10 tracks
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