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it can't hurt you if it isn't real


she thought nothing was real

trigger warnings for unreality throughout the entire playlist; mentions of self harm and drugs in the second song (post blue)

  • Yume Nikki Ost Save Screen by armin-alert
  • Fiona Apple every single night cover by Crystal Rose
    these ideas of mine/ percolate the mind/ trickle down the spine/ swarm the belly, swelling to a blaze
  • 03 Doe Deer by a-town
  • Ruth White by Sun
  • Post Blue (Placebo) by ANTENNAE
    bite the hand that FEEDS/tap the vein that BLEEDS/down on my blended knees/i break the back of love for YOU
  • 10 - Waking The Witch by alantejoula
    "wake up"/"you must wake up"/"wake up child, pay attention!"
  • Female Robbery by The Neighbourhood
    i think i found hell/i think i found something/i think i found something in my tv screen
  • Who are you really by urla.javier
    now you're moving on and you say you're alone/suspicious that the string is moving your bones
  • E18 by Detektivbyrån
  • Yume Nikki Ending Song by Ekdmsrnjs
10 tracks
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