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look's like you've seen a ghost!


a fanmix for death 13 using only vgm, this time of the creepy variety (whether its luigis mansion creepy or silent hill creepy)

  • Kevin MacLeod ~ Darkest Child by Ellie Savanna McCalaster
  • Mephiles' Whisper by Mephiles_the_dark
  • Room of Angel by Akira Yamaoka
  • Drops Of Shame (apathy, Odd, Repetitive) by Silent Hill 4
  • A World Of Madness by BARGO
  • Theme by Luigi's Mansion
  • Ashley's Theme(WarioWare Cover) by Ryn Kuromaru
  • Distortion World by GM SoulRock
  • Giygas Battle V2 by Blind Mage
  • Old Chateau by Pokemon DP Music
  • Scissorman Chase (Reprise) by crossafear
  • Haunted House by Super Mario World
  • Sneaky Snitch (ORIGINAL) by Kevin MacLeod
13 tracks
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