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lost your way, a fallen knight


its so freaky how a lot of metal music seems to fit polnareff

may add more

  • Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle Aggression And Victory (Jean Pierre Polnareff) by not sure?? i cant find the soundtrack person
  • Final Fantasy X by final fantasy x
    hope dies, and you wander/ the otherworld, it makes you/ dreams, they rip asunder/ the otherworld, it hates you
  • "Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good" by ChriisHxC
    remember my face/when you feel the pain (im thinking revenge against j geil for this one?)
  • Dir en grey Lie Buried With A Vengeance cover [guitar Die & kaoru] by Patryk Różycki
    Something's missing from my ears Does love awaken from an ugly cry? Something's missing from my voice This is the real world Wipe blood with blood and hail to justice
  • Rain of a Thousand Flames by Rhapsody
    under the rain of a thousand flames/ we face the real pain falling in vain/ while the Dark Angel screams for vengeance/ in the dead shadow of falling stars
  • Party by Myself by Hollywood Undead
    lets get something a little more upbeat on here i dont want to make everyone all sad
  • Blue Stahli Enemy (Official Lyric Video) by Blue Stahli
    i'm breathing in, im breathing out/i'll cut the ties that hold me down
  • Hey Cruel World cover by Jandistein Auristondo
    hey cruel world/you dont have what it takes/we dont need your faith/we've got fucking fate
8 tracks
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