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more bpd feels: the sequel


ive been having more of these lately so here's a rather late sequel i hope you find me relatable

first five will mostly be vocaloid second half will be mostly lo fi shit i find relatable on bandcamp

twelve tracks for now.

warnings for ableist slurs in some songs and suicidal/glum themes and drugs in some of the things

  • Namine Ritsu KIRE +UST by Lonely UFO
    even though they're just delusions, i cant forget them
  • Nicole Dollanganger & Bradley-Joel by Coma Baby
  • Gumi (English) 」 歌ってみた 【つばめ】 by 「 ECHO
    i can't get a grip but i can't let go/but there wasn't anything to hold on tho :P (the whole song's a relatable feel tho)
  • Ren’Ai Yuusha by Amatsuki
    mathematical logic being thrown out the window/you act like you're fine but you're lonely!
  • よいこのくすり by 【初音ミク】Good Medicine
    aaa, with good kid, good kid, good kid medicine/i forget my dangerous thinking now for a bit/and in my aimless aimless aimless sobriety/i do want to gaze at the town in the morning glow (again, this song is pretty relatable)
  • Only Everyone Can Judge Me by Crywank Official
    and this confidence i fake only makes matters worse/ i am not a stallion i am just perverse/ hopeless and docile and tamed another day I won't remember another day I wished away/ tedious days punctuated by dismay/ everyday feels the same
  • my time's comin'! by cyberbully mom club
    i'm goin crazy/im losin my mind/why do i feel like im wasting time
  • Bellows, "For Rock Dove" by impose
    and who are you in the back of this stereo?/ it's what I want to hear until I'm very old/ we cannot slow the burn on your cigarette/ we can't stop time for a minute/ or slow the rate of your pulse on your beating heart/ ... if we didn't have to joke to know who we are .../ and if a screaming voice is all you are/ speak loud if you've ceased to be at all!
  • Haunt Me (X 3) by Teen Suicide
9 tracks
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