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to cure a weakling child


a fanmix for the alien nine series as a whole

  • Ruth White by Sun
  • second curse by 塵塵呪詛
    the end of our world is the end of your world
  • To Cure a Weakling Child Remix by Aphex Twin
    my feet, my arms, and my ears/ and your feet (repeat)
  • Führe mich (1. Entwurf) by debbiewright37
    you're built onto my heart/ two souls stretching one skin/ and whenever I speak you're silent/ you die when I want you to
  • Red Fraction by Black Lagoon OP
    no need to think about it/ you do it or you die/ those aren't tears/ don't let it trick on you
  • Kikuo Remix by Tratamento Pre-natal
    i dont know the lyrics but the feel of the song kind of has that ethereal vibe that the show has
  • The Noose (A Perfect Circle) by Hirak Chakraborty
    with your halo slippin' down/ your halo slippin'
  • You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson
    for you are not alone/ for I am here with you/ though we're far apart/ you're always in my heart/ for you are not alone
  • Komm, Susser Tod-Come, Sweet Death-,Arianne by Evangelion
    whats done is done, it feels so bad/ what once was happy now is sad/ i'll never love again/ my world is ending
  • Kiichi 【Yume Nikki】 by [☆24EFFECTS☆] 暗黒時代
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