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touhou time


remember being in like the seventh grade and listening to iosys songs and thinking touhou was an anime


a playlist to help you relive your middle school memories ♥

  • Iosys Overdrive by tobauh
  • Marisa Stole The Precious Thing by Fahmi Zul
  • Flat Chested Song by Tsurupettan
  • Kero ⑨ Destiny [ケロ⑨ destiny] by Silver Forest
  • Miracle Gumiracle by dazkovickovic
  • Touhou IOSYS PV Hatate's Bakkoi Murder Case by iced*ginger
  • Convictor Yamaxanadu! by Dyse NaZ
  • Night Of Nights by Rohan Toûch
  • Impossible piano version by Night of Nights
  • Neko Miko Reimu by Samuel (Zsamuel13)
10 tracks
7 comments on touhou time

I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO LISTENED TO THIS STUFF, OH MY GOD. ty so much for making this mix i still love touhou even tho i knew like nothing about it in middle school except that the music videos were cute lmao

for some reason i was too lazy to check the translation for the tsurupettan song when i first heard it at like age 13, and i totally thought for some reason that it was about farting. smh good ol weeb times