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was there like only one ddr in every arcade or what


a collection of ddr songs we've all probably heard before

  • Love Shine *DL in desciption* by aKu
  • love shine, waka laka, candy, nori nori nori by DDR j-pop medley
  • LOVE SHINE by 小坂りゆ
  • Butterfly by Armand Van Helden/Duane Harden
  • B4U by NAOKI
  • CANDY-VOCAL VERSION- by Kosaka Riyu
  • Mr. Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan
  • Caramelldansen (Speedycake Remix) by Caramell
  • Pink Rose Full Version by Kiyommy Seiya
  • Dam Dadi Doo by TechnoDanceMusic
  • smile.dk by DDR
    (if you were on the internet from 2005-2009 theres no doubt youve heard this remix)
11 tracks
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