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you and i


you and i,
stand with our heads held up high


that episode hurts me so much and i wish there was a world where they both lived

  • Harvest Moon Ds Opening Theme by i'm not sure
  • If I Were A Ship by Hey Ocean
    if i were a ship/ id sail to your shore/ just to see my true love the one I adore
  • You (vocal) by Dai
    i realized for the first time ive lost the things that have filled my heart till now/ how much you supported me/ how much you made me smile
  • Cry by Dear You
    the cicadas say its too late/ but I still reach out to you/ please believe in me/ i want to say, "you dont have to cry anymore"
  • Honey (Ost Cardcaptor Sakura) by cherry_nguyen
    just like honey/ spreading out sweetly in warm milk/ my heart dissolves/ your smile is the finest honey
  • Fun Tonight by マクロスMACROSS 82-99
    i wanna be with you!
  • Pop Culture by Madeon
    idk the song just reminds me of them
  • Umineko Hope by ~Nhay~
  • Mega Man Star Force Ost: Gentle Frequency by Akari Kaida
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