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Enough of Our Machines


Watch the clock and hold the line.

  • Moon OST #1 by Clint Mansell
  • Tech 49 by Oblivion Soundtrack
  • Old Friends (feat. Ashley Barrett) by Transistor OST
  • Transistor Original Soundtrack by Darren Korb
  • Sunshine (Adagio in D Minor) by John Murphy
  • The Bio Terrorist Threat by InFamous: Second Son
  • Thane by Mass Effect 2
  • Take Me Somewhere Nice-1 by Mogwai
  • Photograph by Arcade Fire
  • 08 - We're Not Programs, Gerty, We're People by Nícolas Antonio Bargiela
  • Rectifier by Daft punk(Tron Legacy)
  • Tron Legacy 10 Adagio For Tron Daft Punk by franceny alesix santiago
  • Lone by Chelsea Wolfe
13 tracks
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