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two wrongs (a commander lexa mix)


now we're faced with two wrongs
i don't know, oh, i don't know
we could be born to anything and now what, now what?
"four walls (the ballad of perry smith)", bastille

IMPORTED TO SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/user/turtleduckdates
a winter lexa mix for when the world wants to make you into a hard person but you are overflowing with tenderness

cover art by me

part of my 3-part winter clexa playlist
clarke's mix: http://8tracks.com/traecle/no-warning-signs-a-clarke-griffin-mix
clexa mix: http://8tracks.com/traecle/no-cause-for-alarm-a-clexa-fanmix

"the winter though it darkens me, it is pure and clean and all i want." -laura marling

8 tracks
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