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"I merely desire to protect and serve you—nothing more, nothing less. Even after peace has returned, I wish to remain by your side. Indomitable, faithful...inseparable unto death."

frederick, the knight who was in love with his prince.

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okay so I first listened to this playlist quite some time ago but each time I come back and listen to it I fall in love all over again. all of the songs just fit really well and aaaaaaaaaahhhhHHHH IT'S JUST REALLY GOOD

@XxMaskedHooliganxX wow thank you very much! i pride my myself on the songs i choose for my mixes, i try very hard to make all of the songs fit the dynamic and mood of the ship so im glad that that hasnt gone unnoticed!!!!

I love the three songs of this mix I can listen to but I have the same issue as Citro, i only plays three tracks. Just thought i'd let you know. I normally would have thought it's my internet being weird but since i'm not the only But I love the songs you chose it really fits them so well so i'm really sad i don't get to listen to all of it.

:DD Great mix and anotations! Always glad to see another person who likes Chrom/Frederick! They're the best! However... I can only listen to three tracks of this mix, the rest appear on the played list but never actually played. :( It's a shame because I searched them and they're great tracks too but there seems to be a problem here. D:

@CitrusTea thank you so much!! i've just listened to the mix again and i didn't notice any problem, and i haven't had that problem with any other mixes. perhaps it's something wrong with your computer??

@tvtrope I really don't know, I've tried on my phone, on my computer, on my college computer... Very rarely I'll be able to play one of the other songs. I'm guessing it's 8tracks being weird with the licenses and such. Don't worry. :D