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life is good


summer party playlist

  • Insomniac by Trip Lee
  • Manolo Ft. Lecrae by Trip Lee
  • Cops by Social Club
  • Party People (ft. Social Club) by Derek Minor
  • Overtime (feat. Social Club) by Benjah
  • PARIS (feat. SPZRKT) by Social Club
  • Headphones by Black Knight
  • Turn Me Up (feat. X-Ellentz & JG) by Black Knight
  • I Know ft. MuteMath (Black Knight Remix) (@bkcreationz @lecrae) by Lecrae
  • Swerv by Black Knight feat. KIDD, Jor'dan Armstrong & Jesus Geek
  • Chainsaw by Family Force 5 feat. Tedashii
  • Game on feat Tedashii Pro and Jai by Lecrae
  • Gameface ft. KB, Soul Glo Activatur & FLAME [2nd Half Edition] by [ Premiere] KJ
  • Mental by KJ
  • BZRK [FF5 Cover] (BAM! REMIX PART TWO) by ARIA & Swedish Revolution
  • Dotted Line (feat. D-M.A.U.B.) by GeeDA
  • Lay Up (ft. wordsplayed) by Andy Mineo
  • Geeda by GeeDA
  • Zone Out (feat. Chris Lee) by KB
  • Drop It ft. Canon by Viktory
  • When The Beat Drop by Skrip
21 tracks
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