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Ingvild the-fab-killjoy


a mix originally made for Ingvild the-fab-killjoy on tumblr during a popular mini-playlist game. Angry theme. 1 bonus track. original post here

  • If you cant hang sleeping with the sirens by Chad Haile
  • Not the american average by user7261843
  • Go To Hell, For Heavens Sake by Bring Me the Horizon
  • miss jackson my songs know what you did in the dark mash up by maryoffutt
  • Ignorance by Paramore
  • Snitches and Talkers Get Stitches and Walkers (From Under the Cork Tree [2006]) by Fall Out Boy
  • The Death Of Me by Asking Alexandria
  • Antivist by Bring Me The Horizon
8 tracks
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