Twice The Heart
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Every Piece of You, It Just Fits Perfectly


"I'm living for that day, someday, when you hold me in the street. And you kiss me on the dance floor. I wish that we could be like that, Why can't we be like that? 'Cause I'm yours, I'm yours."

A Supercat playlist. Special thanks to kara-lesbihonest, because they helped make this playlist possible even though they don't know it.
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1 comment on Every Piece of You, It Just Fits Perfectly

Oh lord, I'm absolutely in love with this playlist. This is seriously beautiful and so well thought of, from beginning to end. Hopefully a lovely Supercat fic stems from it, for I am writing one now as I listen to this on repeat.

@bluemermaiid Oh wow, that's amazing. And thank you, I did try to find songs that fit to their personalities and I tried to get into their heads, with the way they think and act.