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i am stronger than my eating disorder, but for today, let me lay down and weep


Sometimes I forget that ED isn't my friend. Sometimes I feel triggered and all I want is to cry and regress, but this fight is never ending and I'm not a good loser. Somehow we'll get through this, somehow we'll feel beautiful, so for now let me wallow, but tomorrow wake me up and make me fight.

Hold on. Pain Ends.

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Please don't think you're alone. Reach out for all the help you need and more. I hope you're well now.

&remember, recovery doesn't mean getting fatter, it means getting stronger.

I'm sorry. I know sometimes that's never enough to hear, and it never feels like enough to say, but in this situation I am so truly sorry. You are a gorgeous girl and to see Ana take control is heart wrenching.

God, I wish I knew how to help, but I'm just human. You aren't alone. You never will be, I pray you find your way in this world. Someday I know you will be so incredibly happy. We all have days of relapse, where Ana is so incredibly loud, but she doesn't know the world. She doesn't know the beauty of this life. Someday it will be better, keep your head up, think positively. You are beautiful and your soul is strong.

I'm here if you ever need to talk to someone.

If you have time, take a look at my newest mix. I made it for those days you need the inspiration to feel strong. I hope I can somehow help,

Stay strong and hold on, life is so wonderful. It really is. Ed or Ana, whatever you call this devil cannot control you. I'm proud of you for fighting.
I don't know why your comment effected me so much today, but my heart goes out to you. Keep living as a fighter. As hard as that is, quitting is never an option.