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torture me with a smile

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Okay, it's official. This is my new favorite playlist. I love everything about this xD. I am total Reylo trash. Thank you so, so much for doing this. *Salutes you before going on to talk to Vader's helmet.*

@Kateryan035 Really?? I just double checked the tracklist I have in it and there are 15. And it doesn't seem like anything was removed either :// that's so weird...

@TwistedNariko Is there any chance you could let me know what the rest of the tracks are? I've tried like three times and it still won't go past eight :'P Your choices are all so perfect and I just HAVE to know what the rest are! (PS this playlist is awesome thank you)

@Kateryan035 Let me try again! Awww, thank you ;u; I'm so glad you like it! The songs after the first 8 are Tear You Apart, Make Me Wanna Die, So Long pt. II, Mercy, Chained the Monster, Judas, The Music of the Night. I also have two other Reylo playlists if you're interested in checking them out!

Dude I'm gonna be so mad if they're related like Star Wars enough with this shit not everyone can be related!!

"We're sorry, our music license requires us to limit the number of times you can play a particular mix in an 8-hour period" goddd 8-tracks whyyy.. 8 whole hours are you kidding me